Laundry Collection


Introducing the Laundry collection by Duraplex. We have a selection of metal style cabinets or high gloss white polyurethane style cabinets. Our range offers you different choices allowing you to select something extra for your laundry.



  • L45/L45C - Metal cabinet
  • DISL/DICL - Polyurethane cabinet


  • Available in  Compact (single door) or Standard (double door)
  • Available in white or stainless steel colourbond, and high gloss white polyurethane
  • Polyurethane cabinet on LEGS of KICKBOARD



  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel tub
  • High gloss white polyurethane cabinet and brush alloy handles and legs (wooden cabinet version)
  • soft closing doors (wooden cabinet version)
  • 12 months warranty